Ms Zia Batool is serving as Chairperson-PEIRA (Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority), Islamabad. She has also served as Director General- Quality Assurance&Accreditation at Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) having previously served asDG-QA& Statistics for the Higher Education Commission Pakistan(HEC) for eleven years with an overall professional experience of more than 20 years. She was appointed in the Commission in November 2003 after serving at senior level policy& management positions.

Ms Batool has vast professional experience in policy making and reforms in crosscutting areas of socioeconomic development with special focus on education. She received her professional training from UK and Australia in Education Quality, Standards& Accreditation along with education policy reforms. She has hands on experience in Quality Assurance, Institutional Reviews, Accreditation, Educational Reforms, and Evaluation in education sector of developing countries. She is considered to be the founder of the first Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of the country asshe has developed and executed QA criteria, Reviews, Accreditation System, Performance Evaluation Standards and Policy Reforms at both national and international level.

She has been representing Pakistan on various international forums as an international expert and resource person. While focusing on Improving Standards of Higher Education in Pakistan she has developed the IQA and EQA system for education sector along with developing the Pakistan Qualification Framework (PQF) & Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR). Further, she developed and executed the Ranking Criteria and System for the ranking of Pakistani HEIs and carried out the ranking three times as one of the Best Practices in ranking in developing countries while she was working at HEC, Islamabad. She was invited as guest speaker along with THE and QS Ranking representatives and her indigenously developed Asia Ranking Model was appreciated in the “All Commonwealth Universities Conference” held in Kingston, Jamaica.

Moreover, she has been representing Pakistanat international forums on QA, Accreditation, Rankings and on higher education policy reforms held in Europe, UK, Australia, France, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Jamaica, China and Morocco etc. Her professional experience and contributions in the Quality Assurance for higher education are recognized widely therefore, she was elected as Board Member of APQNfor two terms with voting of QA Bodies of Asia Pacific Countries. She has also contributed in developing the QA system for the universities of OIC countries by writing a “Guide for the KPIs for Universities of OIC Countries”.She has contributed in education policy development in Saudi Arabia as an international expert and have been extensively traveling in different parts of the world. Further, she facilitated policy making for socioeconomic development in Afghanistan as well.She has been invited by UK, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Morocco and other countries as a resource person or facilitator for different conference and seminars on education reforms including quality and standards. She has also been supporting QA and Accreditation systems of other developing countries with her skills and experience in the field.

A few of her publications are widely consulted as policy guidelines on QA and accreditation,contributed through HEC in the region such as “Quality Assurance Manual for Higher Education” and “Good Practices for Quality Assurance of Accreditation Councils in Pakistan" and “Institutional Performance Evaluation Standards for Universities”.

Ms Zia Batool

Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority ICT-PEIRA

G-8/4, Islamabad Pakistan